Jolene Creighton

Let’s turn that carbon into a diamond.

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I founded two digital media publications with a collective readership over 165 million and a social following of 20 million. Both were acquired in under four years. I also launched one of the largest ever Kickstarter campaigns and secured $20 million in product revenue during the first year of operations. I’m a marketing consultant, writer, and experienced manager who has been published by Business Insider, NBC, World Economic Forum, The Daily Dot, Hattiesburg American, ScienceAlert, Future of Life Institute, and others.

I’ve created marketing collateral for nonprofits, government agencies, and start-ups across industries. I have advanced experience writing web copy and making pitch decks, product one-pagers, press releases, editorial and brand guides, user manuals, case studies, press releases, white papers, blogs, internal and external newsletters, and marketing roadmaps for product launches.

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